Amethi Family’s Reunion With Missing Son Turns Into Deceitful Nightmare topsattamatka

Last Updated: February 10, 2024, 19:37 IST

The fraudster’s elaborate scheme involved disguising himself as a monk.

Authorities have been alerted to the situation and efforts are underway to investigate the matter and ensure justice.

A heart-wrenching case of fraud has emerged in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh, where a family’s joyous reunion with their long-lost son turned into a nightmare of deceit and exploitation. After 22 years of separation, the family was overjoyed when a young man, resembling their missing son Arun, returned home. What seemed like a miracle, soon turned into a sinister plot orchestrated by a fraudster named Nafees.

The emotional reunion quickly took a dark turn when Nafees, posing as Arun, demanded a hefty sum of over Rs 10 lakh as payment to a muth in exchange for his return home, according to a Dainik Jagran report.

Desperate to have their son back, the father, Ratipal, went to great lengths to arrange the amount by selling his land. Little did he know that the person he welcomed into his home was an imposter, preying on their vulnerability and desperation.

The fraudster’s elaborate scheme involved disguising himself as a monk and manipulating the family’s emotions to extort money. Despite their initial reluctance, the family eventually agreed to Nafees’ demands, hoping to finally bring their son back home. Their hopes were shattered when they discovered the truth about Nafees’ identity.

As per reports, Nafees is part of a notorious family known for their fraudulent activities, particularly impersonating sadhus to deceive unsuspecting families. This modus operandi has landed several members of his family in jail in the past. Nafees’ deceitful tactics, coupled with the family’s desperation to reunite with their son, resulted in a devastating financial and emotional loss for them.

Authorities have been alerted to the situation, and efforts are underway to investigate the matter and ensure justice. The police have assured the family of their support and are closely monitoring the situation to prevent any further instances of fraud.

The tale of the family’s reunion gone sour in Amethi is a reminder of the dangers posed by fraudulent individuals preying on vulnerable families. It highlights the need for heightened awareness and vigilance to protect against such deceitful schemes and the importance of seeking legal recourse in cases of exploitation and fraud.


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